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Zenoss Development & Support

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Why choose Steel House Labs?

  • Managed projects with over 500,00 devices and tens of millions of data points providing guidance and implementation services
  • Tackle unique projects such as complete monitoring of Cisco Unified Call Manager, Cisco UCS, Ericsson Transmitters, DSL access multiplexors and DWDM gear
  • Proven experience developing and implementing solutions for voice and data service provoiders
  • Ruby, Python and GoLang experts
  • Vetrans of Yahoo, Rackspace, GAP and Disney

Some of our happy customers

What Clients Say

Steel House Labs demonstrates complete mastery and understanding of Zenoss and all of its internals. They have assisted me on a number of occasions, both in the development of complex customizations as well as resolving issues with Zenoss crashes.
John Marret, Stack8
Shane was one of the most active, knowledgeable, and genuinely helpful community members and customers that I have worked with. He repeatedly volunteered friendly help, advise and technical interactions. I would choose to work as colleagues with Shane, over many others. I got to know him as a stand-up person in addition to an effective and innovative technical generalist. If I gave him a topic, he repeatedly and expertly delivered on it. You want this rockstar on your team or in your shortlist of contacts.
Nick Yeates, RedHat
We asked Steel House Labs to look over the instance of ZenOSS that we had installed and make any recommendations. Shane’s expertise with ZenOSS and network monitoring proved to be a tremendous asset in that he was able to correct some deep seated issues that only someone with a great deal of experience would have known to investigate. As a result, our network monitoring capability is now much better suited to grown as we do and is running much more efficiently.
Brian Dehaven, USFon
Steel House Labs was instrumental in helping us correct a Zenoss problem on our production server .. They were careful, resourceful and technically competent.
Gerald Talton, Mincom